“The unpredicable nature of their movements, the scuttling, and the whole vampire mouse blood-sucking phenomena.”
Anna doesn’t like mice


“Would you be hot and sweat for me while I do this?”
Bob asking Glenn about… something I dont want to know


“Do not be alarmed at sudden loud jet engine noise”
A sign on the highway right outside of Offutt Air Force Base


“I don’t need to go, you know why? Because I have cobblestone abs.”
Adam discussing why he doesn’t need to join a rock-climbing club


“Your favorite restaurant has always been Lord Wellington’s Beef Trapeze.”
“Oh… it sounds pretty good.”
The Brak Show


“You could carry around the stick to protect yourself from someone who wouldn’t tickle you.”
Beth at dinner


“I’m not big boobed. I’m not sex-crazed. I’m not an alcoholic (yet). And while I am a good paint penner, It’s not my top priority.”
Lauren, discussing why she is an unusual sorority girl


“This isn’t retail, honey. This is show business.”
Bradley, one of our Late Show recruiters