“When you went to church retreats, what did you do? Did you play Pin the Nail on the Crucifix?”

“What’s the difference between breakfast waffles and lunch waffles? Apart from ‘one sounds like the German air force.'”
William Veazey

“What’s a ‘Belgian whistle?'”
Otley Veazey, misunderstanding the phrase “bells and whistles.”

“Isn’t [The Grapes of Wrath] about some Jewish dude who can’t compete in the Olympics?”
Robert Ralph

“He magically conceals the horse’s body inside a wheelchair. How is that funny?”
Amanda Veazey

Amanda:  “What sound does an otter make?  Dalan says it goes ‘Wark, wark!'”
William:  “I’m not a zoologist, but I can say without fear of contradiction that otters do not go ‘wark, wark!'”
Amanda & William Veazey

“Is that a stool sample?”
“It’s spaghetti sauce.”

“Why did you just stamp your arm with my bank account information?”

“Did you just say ‘I wonder how many M&Ms I can fit in my mouth?'”
Amanda Veazey