“Can I say the word ‘areola’ on camera? Do you know what an areola is?”

“When you’re done with what you’re doing, can you bring a vacuum to my office? …and some Velcro.”
Overheard in the office 

“It’s supposed to be big and loose.”
“I’ll do big, but I’m not doing loose.”

“He’s everything in a gay marriage counselor that a woman could ask for.”

“Hey, you guys, if I’m not gonna brush my teeth, I need some salt.”

“Why were you eating ice cream in a Dunkin’ Donuts bathroom?”

“We’ve had a bit of a situation here, but we’ve located a place that has New England clam chowder.”
An assistant on the phone responding to the boss’ query about his lunch

“What are those weird Dr. Seuss flowers over there?”
“It’s an orchid.”