“No child of mine is going to dance about wearing a newsies cap belting show tunes if I have anything to say about it!”

“Isn’t [The Grapes of Wrath] about some Jewish dude who can’t compete in the Olympics?”
Robert Ralph

“People are a lot more sedimentary than they used to be.”
Ruth Miller

“That chicken tastes too much like an animal.”

William Veazey: “It’s just another part of that endemic problem in society, of people being too caught up in themselves.”
Amanda Veazey: “Yeah, I tweeted about that last night.”

Alex Trebek: “It’s the only state whose name ends in a G.”
Contestant: “What is Wyoming?”
Wanda Veazey: “That can’t be right. What about Washington?”

“It’s terrible being an only child because you can’t stand being around anybody.”
Gwen Veazey

“Why didn’t you try the tilapia?”
“I’m embarrassed to eat spaghetti in public.”

“She didn’t act that way before I met her.”
Said by Mary S. Submitted by Ashley Miller.