“Please, God, help me with my Religion.”
Ashley, praying for academic intervention

“Well, I was speaking one thing, and talking about something else….”
Ashley, again

“I’m not the best nailer.”
Ashley Miller, discussing her carpentry skills

“I slept once and part of another time.”
Ryan, describing his sleep patterns on the way to Panama City.

“Muu-muus are people for fat dresses.”
Me, failing miserably at correcting Ashley

“Shut up, I’m learning by trial and error.”
“More error than trial.”
“That made no sense! You can’t have an error without a trial.”
Ryan and I, discussing his inability to throw darts with any semblance of accuracy or precision.

“They’re there so you can type things Japanesely.”
William Veazey, referring to the Japanese character set available for outline numbering in MS Word 2000