William Veazey: “Who hasn’t made a dead baby joke?”
Christine Anderson: “Dead babies.”

“I took a picture…of an orangutan drinking soap suds. It made me think of you.”
Amanda Veazey

“In response to my query as to his naked dreidel activities, Eric sent me ‘I will do anything for publicity.'”
Todd Wachsman 

“I really wish I’d taken a nap in that restaurant. By which I mean doctor’s office.”
Amanda Veazey

“Kids are residual.”
Otley Veazey, using the word “residual” instead of “resilient.”

“What’s a ‘Belgian whistle?'”
Otley Veazey, misunderstanding the phrase “bells and whistles.”

“Japanese men are known for their hatred of old socks. And dolphins.”
Todd Wachsman 

“That sounds like Frances and the Machine.”
Amanda Veazey

“Those are cuteness holes.”
Bobby Zienowics, referring to holes that a puppy chewed in the carpet