“I was shocked when I pulled down my pants – I had no idea what was down there!”
Beth during Trivial Pursuit


“You know you’re cool when you’re not.”
A friend’s feeble attempt at an insult, at around 2am

“Teenage pregnancy drops off significantly after age 20”
Internet news article

“I had ice cream for breakfast every day last holidays… apart from the days that I didn’t.”

“Please take cleaner, they are there for your pleasure”
Poorly translated sign in Japanese hostel

Quotes courtesy of Craig


“Did you see her jersey? It said ‘Bootylicious.'”
“Did you say BooTYlicious? I want to be BooBYlicious.”
Jenny, requesting a particular softball jersey

“Wow, He went through the hair phases of my 3 favorite men: Heath Ledger, Paul Walker, and Mr. Clean.”
Britt Ellis

“If you’re going to track people, you use bloodhounds, not… smeller¬†goats¬†or something.”
Bio professor Weigl explaining tracking methods