Wanda: “I heard on the radio, the guy [from Steely Dan] said when they say ‘We’re going to play something off our new album,’ five thousand people get up to go get a beer and they don’t come back until the hear the first notes of this one song, but I can’t remember what it is.”
Amanda: “Is it ‘Reelin’ in the Years?'”
Wanda: “No….”
Amanda: “‘Rikki, Don’t Lose That Number?'”
Wanda: “No….”
Amanda: “‘Dr. Wu?'”
Wanda: “No….”
Amanda: “‘Kid Charlemagne?'”
Wanda: “No, that’s not it….”
Amanda: “‘Do It Again?'”
Wanda: “How’s that one go?”
Amanda: “‘You go back, Jack / Do it again / Wheel turnin’ round and round.'”
Wanda: “No….”
Amanda: “‘Deacon Blues?'”
Wanda: “No….”
Amanda: “‘Peg?'”
Wanda: “Are you sure you’re naming hit songs?”
Amanda: “Yes, Mom. These are all on the Greatest Hits CD.”
Wanda: “Well…maybe it was that ‘take the money’ song.”
Amanda: “Mom, that’s the Steve Miller Band, not Steely Dan.”
Wanda & Amanda Veazey