About This Site

Welcome to Things We Heard (or Said), one of the oldest repositories of random quotations taken from all over… some from television, others the product of a slipped tongue, others still overheard either in public or in friendly situations. We strive to mark each quotation with a source (if available), and any details you might need to understand context have been provided (…most of the time).

We understand that in many cases our quotations don’t mean a bloomin’ thing, and that’s what we like about them. It’s fun to spout a particularly outlandish non-sequitur every once in a while, and that’s the kind of thing that we specialize in. Many of us here also have a bit of a mean streak, so don’t be surprised to find the occasional snippy comment thrown in (we categorize those under “Sass,” just FYI).

This site originated as an outgrowth of the prehistoric site “bRIaN dAMagE ?,” which has been lost to the ages save for the crumbs that the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine has preserved for posterity. It later became a subsection of the now-defunct “Archive of Humour,” and several years after that, the entire collection of quotations was renamed Things We Heard (or Said) and moved to this URL permanently.

How You Can Contribute
We also welcome contributions from the Internet community at large, and we always provide submitters with appropriate credit, should they request it. In the event that you’d like to submit a quotation or two, simply email us at you (at) overheard (dot) us. You’ll receive an immediate autoresponse from our friendly neighborhood server troll to indicate that your message has been received, and once one of our administrators has looked it over, we’ll post it (or them, or whatever) if they fit.